Home School Enrichment

Lin Barnhardt taught art at the middle & high school levels in North Carolina for nearly 30 years.  His home studio is now his classroom.

We had a great time learning about pottery with Mr. Barnhardt! My son, Ira, learned how to use the wheel to make a bowl, and the best part was Lin’s gentle guidance, instruction, and explanation through every step. Rather than just taking over the difficult parts, he demonstrated what to do and explained everything in a way that my six-year-old understood. Ira was able to have a very immersive experience that I definitely wouldn’t have been able to provide personally. We would both highly recommend his classes! Meredith Barbee 

Scout It Out

Studio sessions focus on wheel throwing, a part of the requirement for pottery merit badges in various levels of scouting programs.

Lin is a great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. The scouts really enjoyed spending time getting their hands on the clay/wheel. It was amazing to see their creativity come alive – an experience not soon forgotten. Tammy Heintz, assistant scout leader

It's really fun; my friends should try it. - Anthony Maurer

When I saw my glazed pot, I liked the 'happy accident'. - Carter McConnell

Destination Date

Take a short drive to downtown Mt. Pleasant. Enjoy a dining experience at 73 & Main Restaurant, or Cantina 73. Lin Barnhardt Studio is located 1½ miles south of the square.  Make arrangements for the two of you to take turns at the wheel, creating a “couple” of mugs, bowls, or vases before/after dinner.

Lin Barnhardt helps fix the mistakes you make. You really gain an appreciation for artists, like Lin, who have “the touch”. -Erika Barrier

It's not as easy as it looks, but you get expert instruction. Lin doesn't do it for you, but he keeps a watchful eye. Worth a visit just to see some pieces in his studio. – David Barrier

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