No Place Like Home

Reconstructing the elaborate J.W. Cannon House into miniature proportions called for simplicity.  Measurements for the 2001 White House Christmas tree ornament were restricted to 6" x 6" x 6". Pictured is a replica commissioned by a family descendant. (Inquiries regarding an order of your "special" house are welcomed.)  

Heading Southeast

Sandpipers en route to Charleston keep cadence to Walk Like an Egyptian. After completing the  245 mile excursion,  garden stakes and ornaments will be available at Dare Gallery on Broad Street, and Sandpiper Gallery on Sullivan's Island. (Got a tune stuck in your head?) 

Lesson to Learn

TAKE YOUR KIDS FOR A SPIN this summer.  Session 1: Students learn basic wheel throwing techniques. Turns choice of bowl, tumbler, or vase. Session 2: Students glaze vessel in choice of color.  (Instruction adapted for kindergarten - adult.  Inquire for details & scheduling.)

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