Freeze Frame - A split-second feeding frenzy occurs during a recent snowstorm.  Lin Barnhardt's handcrafted bird feeders are year round attractions in anyone's yard. (Photo courtesy Wayne Wrights.)

The wren/chickadee birdhouse at the Johnson residence is currently occupied.  A black-capped chickadee delivers food to his young. (Photo courtesy Clay Johnson)

Bluebirds have been spotted in search of seasonal housing.  Purchase a "move-in-ready" birdhouse, hand-crafted by Lin Barnhardt.  Soon you'll be welcoming your new neighbors. (Photo courtesy Wayne Wrights.)

Natural Habitat - A flock of sandpiper garden stakes just landed on Oak Island. Thanks, Marilyn Barringer for capturing this moment.  Enjoy year-round birdwatching at your coastal property!

Picture Window - Love when people share candid image of my birdfeeders in use. A couple of doves dropped by Eddie & Nancy Beaver's deck to enjoy a peaceful meal.

Snow Bound - With the ground fully covered, chickadees enjoy nourishment, as well as a bird's-eye-view of Frank & Robin Graham's home. 

Bird's Eye View - A bluebird perches upon a pergola that not only supports the hydrangea style birdhouse, but also provides shade in the backyard of Scott & Kathy Robinson's residence in New Bern.

Why Travel to France? - Claude Monet would be pleased with this "Impressionistic" view of a finch overlooking a haystack style birdhouse at the home of Lin & Mona Barnhardt.

Lookout Post - A bluebird house overlooks the natural campsite area of Thom & Rosemary Ketring's family property.

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